Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m a licensed building practitioner, a certified builder through CBANZ, since 2001, hold a Site 2 Residential License and have been a Certified Building Member for over 10 years. I started my building apprenticeship in 1975 for a company called Fincon Construction, doing renovations in the Wairarapa region and have been building continuously since then.

Maroulis Construction Limited was formed in 2003 and my current position is Director and Project Manager.
I have an excellent understanding of the building process, am skilled in co-ordinating trades and ensuring the team have the information required to complete their section of work. I  work  continuously to ensure all agreements are met and the client’s specifications are understood and expectations are exceeded.

I particularly enjoy taking a design and bringing it to life, while staying true to the intentions of the designer and client. The more difficult the project is, the more interesting it becomes for me.

I find enjoyment in all manner and sizes of projects. For me the true satisfaction comes from a job well done and client happiness.

Ben Maroulis


Hi, I’m Ben. I’m a licensed building practitioner and hold a Carpentry License. I was certified in 2001. I’ve been working for Maroulis Construction for the last 2.5 years, as the Leading Hand/ Site Foreman. Prior to working for Maroulis Construction, I worked for Good Brothers Construction in Auckland.

My favourite thing about being a builder is the physical work, being outside and seeing the daily progression of a job. I am skilled in building walls, especially curved walls and concrete walls, although my skills are not limited to just that. The projects that excite me the most are the jobs where the change has a positive effect on the person or people living there. Like completing an alteration or renovation on a person’s home and as it evolves, it’s great for them to see the changes and for me to see their excitement, as it transforms into something more than what they expected.

I also really love building homes that are self sufficient and sustainable. Building eco-houses is interesting to me, from the overall design to the choice of materials.